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About OCM

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The Organic Cleaning Machine is a locally founded cleaning service for Bloomington/Normal and the surrounding Illinois area. Here at OCM, we specialize in high-grade cleaning services for residential, commercial, construction and special requests. Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lety McCloud has provided exceptional A+ accredited cleaning services recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company name originated from a long-lasting customer who referred to Lety as a cleaning machine, coining her as an “organic cleaning machine”. Whether you need a one time, weekly or monthly cleaning we like to feel that when we’re done, the only thing we leave behind is CLEAN; and a fair amount of sparkle.

About Lety

Lety McCloud’s story is one of hard-fought success. She immigrated from Mexico with nothing but her children, having no high school education, little English, and few marketable skills. Like many before her, she recognized cleaning as a way to find consistent work. Unlike many before her, Lety pushed her career to a level of success rarely seen in the professional cleaning industry.

Her professional story began with a committment to self-growth. After getting settled in the US, she earned her GED, making quick work of the material despite considerable language barriers. And she didn’t stop there. Next, she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Education, snatching time between cleaning jobs to take classes at the University of Illinois. She attended classes to record the lectures so she could take them home and translate them at her own pace.

She was simultaneously laying the foundation for her business, known at the time as the Organic Cleaning Machine. Through her characteristic dedication and grind, Lety, along with her husband, built OCM into a well-known company with loyal customers and a reputation for excellence.

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